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A Virginia native, I see myself as a product of my environment. My hometown of Charlottesville provided exposure to a diverse culture, rich history, and a lifestyle with an emphasis on outdoor recreation. Being surrounded by so much inspiration, I slowly refined what I loved most as I explored life with  insatiable curiosity.

Now I grapple with an obsession for music, writing; and all things climbing, casting, and standing sideways. I live a life of passion for the natural world and exploring what creative expression can be derived from it.

Currently living in a big red bus in Jackson, Wyoming, I prioritize an intentional lifestyle where I can spend as much time doing what I love as possible. And with a degree in Creative Advertising from Virginia Commonwealth University, I have found a career path where I don't have to forfeit that intention. Copywriting and storytelling have found a large place in my heart, alongside the rest of my interests that have such a stronghold in my life.

The goal from here is to find as much intersectionality between my interests as possible. Finding creative ways to blend art and action, and lean into their parallels is how I plan to spend the majority of my time.

- Willy Sanders


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