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brighton resort

Well, when I graduated high school, there was a lot changing in my life. The only certainty resided in my desire to go to get a degree in something, and me having to figure out where that leaves a guy who cant take his hands off of a camera and just wants to snowboard every day. 

So I followed what I knew and looked for a niche. I knocked on Brighton's door (figuratively... I actually just emailed them), and Jared Winkler; the head of marketing, gave me a chance with a marketing and photography internship.

So, I moved from Charlottesville, VA to Salt Lake City, UT with three of my best friends for a season. Funny enough, it turned out to be the second-worst season for snowfall on record. But as a bunch of Virginia boys (and one Frenchie), we were stoked. Every. Single. Day. So much so, that I may or may have not spent a little more time jumping off of cliffs than I should have while I was supposed to be out shooting photos. Whoops. But that energy is what I think stood out in the content I was creating, as I aimed to prove there was still fun to be had. Between what all of the locals, brands, and even the resorts were posting; it felt like social media was just a space of negativity and complaint, but we were out to make the most of it. We played hide and seek with powder stashes and infrequent snowstorms, seeking out natural features that are rare in Virginia's inconsistent climate. And we had a blast doing it. I like to think that showed in all of the content we made.

My time at Brighton was a turning point in my photography. Being surrounded by so many talented individuals and getting an opportunity to see the standard that goes into creative work professionally; it taught me the basics to refining my work to be satisfactory for a large brand. Not to mention, it also gave me direction for what I should major in and pursue professionally.

Below are some highlights of the day-to-day content creation, as well as a couple specific projects and events I worked on with them.


thirty-two day

brighton night party