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mountain culture kombucha

Outside of my internship in Utah and my time in school at VCU, I was taking online classes and primarily living out of my Volvo XC90. These were the best of times, venturing around the country at a whim. 

During this time, the boys at mountain culture were so great to me as they were flexible and they let me come and go as a Brand Ambassador. I would work my ass off for them, saving up enough to live on the road for a while, and then I would ditch town to chase snowstorms, or maybe Redfish in the Southeast. Whatever it may be, I was lucky enough to depend on them for a job when I made it back. 

The only thing they ever asked me in return was some photos. Upon a two month jaunt across the west, the owner, Peter Roderick just wanted a handful of shots with a mountain culture bottle surrounded by beautiful scenery. He's always looking for a way to show his brand's love for the outdoors.


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