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wild virginia and trout unlimited collaboration

my buddy, ray crosby and i developed this campaign together. we knew we wanted to create something for wild virginia, but it wasn't until we learned about their collaboration with trout unlimited did find the structure of it. gaining insight led us to pinpointing the significance of this collaboration - part of which included free, public classes on monitoring water quality.


in the blue ridge, secrets of incredible fisheries reside behind the hype of the countless well-known spots. those secrets are not often shared, but everyone has a few of them. and typically, they aren't on vadgif's radar either. to essentially just empower a community of people with further knowledge on their hobbies, something that many of these folks would enjoy indulging in anyway - would be a tremendous help in insuring the health of our fisheries. the everyday fisherman could now be monitoring water quality as they fish, empowering them to know when they need to take action, in an effort to improve the vitality of their secret fishing spots.

in order to convey that, we developed some print/web ads and some cross-platform social media stuff, including a short video ad. i utilized some old photos of mine, and paired it some with some illustrator work and some fun copywriting. i also whipped up the video ad using some friend's videos and stock footage. ray came in clutch with some awesome social media content.


print ads

social media

Social media post 2 wildva.png
wildva social media ad 1.png


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