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Life isn't permanent, and neither are photos. The difference is, Richmond Camera can forever revive a photo from weathering with time, keeping the photos as clear as the memories that comprise them. That is what inspired my friend, Gracie white and I, to develop our campaign around conveying the beauty of photo restoration, and having the ability to trust your neighbors down at Richmond Camera to restore with care. We wanted to let our target know that Richmond Camera can keep that feeling of nostalgia and comfort that comes from old photos alive and well.

Gracie and I split the creative work up after we developed the strategy. I focused on the print ads, having a blast aging modern photos on Photoshop, as I didn't have any old photos to actually restore and I wanted this to be as unique as possible. I then paired the photos with a bit of copy I developed and took it to Illustrator. I really wanted this to have a nostalgic tone and look, and I took heavy inspiration from 1960's advertising trends, as it seemed to reinforce the nostalgic tone of my copy. Gracie took the same route with her social media content and her experiential activation. 

richmond camera

print ads


social media

richmond camera social ad 2.jpg
richmond camera social ad 1.jpg

experiential activation

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