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albemarle angler

In my hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia lies a small fly shop. The shopping center it's in is littered with skate spots, and in the summers, as a young skateboarder - I would find refuge from the southern humidity in the A/C and entertainment the shop provided. After years of interest, my parents blessed me with my first fly rod and reel when i was 15 - thanks to the folks from Albemarle Angler. From there on, I treated the staff there as though I had paid tuition - bugging them with new questions after every outing, and I always received information without hesitation. I owe much of my progression as young fisherman to their willingness to help.

A few years later, I had grown up a bit and that could definitely be seen in my fishing. I was just getting my first experience shooting commercially, and I was lucky to have the opportunity to work with my hometown shop right before moving out of Charlottesville. They had acquired some new private water at the foot of the Blue Ridge and needed some help conveying the awesomeness of it on their website. Click on one of the photos below to scroll through some of the stuff I shot for them.


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